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Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours VIP Marijuana Tours & Events

 Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH Tours & Events originally launched on historic January 1, 2014 at 3-D Dispensary in Denver. We were honored to be present for the first legal recreational sale of marijuana in the United States.  Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH Tours received national notoriety after the airing of the CNN video. 

We admit it we are the tour company that got CNN Reporter, Randi Kaye, high for the first time! 

Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH Tours & EventsOur business model has always been to offer smaller tours, luxury and the highest level of customer service.  Cannabis Concierges accompanies our guests to ensure every detail is perfect. Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH Tours is more than a "Hey, dude let's get high!" tour. Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH Tours creates a total experience. Relax and Indulge and comfort!

The facilities, dispensaries,  and products we have selected represent Colorado's finest.  Over 40% of Colorado Cannabis is supplied by Southern Colorado.  Relocating Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH Tours to Colorado Springs and Pueblo enables us to provide our guests with the opportunity to meet the growers, farmers, extractors, vaporizer manufacturer and cannabis business owners. We have created the Ultimate VIP Marijuana Tours and Infused dining experiences.

The Grub, Bud, and Brewery Tour  showcases three of Colorado Springs finest micro-breweries. Master brewers will conduct tours of their breweries. Guests are treated to flights of their most requested craft beers and the best of their pub grub. 

Come ROLL with Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH's Blazin Bud Run, a recreational buying trip to Pueblo via a limo party bus. We visit three of the areas finest retail cannabis shops.

Sweet Jane's Sativa Sunday Quiche-Crepes-Cannabis adds a new dimension to a leisurely Sunday morning. We begin with infused specialty Mocktails (non-alcoholic) created by Top Shelf Budtending.. Cannabis Sommeliers, James and Megan, from Rocky Mountain Blaze will present samples of and explain the nuance of each strain and how it enhances the flavor and experience of food.

Sweet Jane's Sativa Soiree  is the Colorado Cannabis Lifestyle version of a cocktail party without the alcohol. Sweet Jane’s Sativa Soiree elevates the social consumption of cannabis from basements and backyards to an intimate venue with gourmet hors d’oeuvres and specialty infused mocktails created by Top Shelf Budtending. Cannabis Sommeliers will present the best herbs to use in infused dishes. 

Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH ToursJanuary 01, 2014, 3-D Dispensary, Denver, Colorado. The first legal recreational marijuana sale.

Addison Morris & Dawn Blackman, co-founders

Blazin Bud Run



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