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420 Vacation Tips and Advice: There are several items weed-loving travelers should always carry.

  • An official government ID, such as a driver’s license or passport — You’ll need it if you want to buy cannabis at a legal shop. And if you get stopped by authorities, you’ll want to prove your age and show where you’re from.
  • Cash — Even in the United States, cannabis is largely still a cash-only business, since major banks won’t serve the industry due to its federal illegality.
  • Safe storage — Find a container or bag that will mask the smell of cannabis and protect delicate flowers in your luggage. Even if weed is legal where you’re going, it’s best not to risk letting authorities and would-be thieves know you’re carrying it.
  • Patient paperwork — If you’re a medical marijuana patient, bring that paperwork with you even if you’re traveling to a state where recreational cannabis is legal. States like Nevada will accept out-of-state doctor’s recommendations even though recreational sales haven’t started yet. Plus, it may give you extra protection if you’re stopped by authorities.

To ensure it is a safe 420 vacation keep in mind the one thing you should never carry across a border or on a plane: weed.

Be a good pot tourist during your 420 vacation:

Following a few simple rules will help you enjoy your 420 vacation, keep the locals happy and ensure you don’t single-handedly set back the legalization movement.

Educate yourself on what you’re getting. Flowers are typically much more potent now than they were a couple decades ago, particularly in developed markets such as Colorado and California. Dabs are even stronger, and there’s an art to trying edibles. Budtenders can guide newbies, but Zimbelman points out some are more knowledgeable than others or may push products for particular companies. So do your homework.

Be discreet. Remember, it’s generally not legal to smoke in public. And even in legal weed states, not all residents appreciate having smoke blown in their face or come wafting through their windows. Edibles are a good solution, so long as you’re smart about consumption.

Don’t overdo it. You’re on a 420 vacation, we get it. But you don’t have to buy the full legal limit just because you can. Getting so stoned that you can’t leave your hotel room or you take yourself to the hospital because you ate an entire infused chocolate bar isn’t fun for anyone.

Tip your budtender. With cash, not weed.

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