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Cannabis Transporter licenses first in Colorado

cannabis transporter

First Cannabis Transporter licenses granted in Colorado

Cannabis transporter license granted to Green Parcel Service and Colorado Logistics for medical and recreational marijuana under a new state law.

The law, which took effect July 1, created a new class of licenses that allow independent cannabis transporter companies to provide logistics, distribution and storage services to licensed retail and medical marijuana businesses in Colorado.

Green Parcel Service and Colorado Logistics, based in the Denver metro area, are the first cannabis transporter companies in the state to secure the permits.

Among other things, the new license allows independent couriers to store MJ temporarily on behalf of licensed businesses if need be – for example, when a snowstorm unexpectedly shuts a highway. Previously, couriers had to return the marijuana to the location from where it was transported if they couldn’t make the delivery within a certain time period.

“Allowing independent cannabis transporter to store marijuana and marijuana products will create significant efficiencies in the system and can remove the burden of logistics and distribution from cultivators and manufacturers,” Green Parcel Service said in a news release.

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