Customized Cannabis Tours for Business Interests & Investors

Customized Cannabis Tours designed based upon your business interests.  You are accompanied by a professional Cannabis Concierge.  We stock the limo with your refreshment preferences.

As of July 1, 2016 Colorado has 529 Dispensaries, 435 of which have both medical and retail licenses or are retail only. The Colorado Department of Revenue Enforcement Department has issued 786 licenses for cultivation facilities and 13 licenses for Cannabis Testing Labs.

The fastest growing market is the marijuana infused product market. There are 237 infused product manufacturers.

The estimated market for general marijuana-infused products hit between $650 million and $850 million in 2014, with the lion’s share of that tied to edibles specifically, according to data from the Marijuana Business Factbook. Many dispensaries report that edibles account for at least a quarter of their overall sales, though that percentage can be much higher. Some recreational stores in Colorado, for instance, say edibles make up nearly 60% of their total revenues. A handful of dispensaries and shops have even made edibles the centerpiece of their businesses, focusing more on infused products than traditional raw cannabis. Marijuana Business Daily

Concentrates are a large part of the cannabis market.  Cannabis concentrates offer a much higher potency and cannabinoid concentration than dry herb. The most popular cannabis concentrates are shatter, budder, and wax.

The Cannabist Show explains the complexities of concentrates.

Customized Cannabis Tours for Pleasure

Customized Cannabis Tours: Colorado Rocky Mountain High ToursCustomized Cannabis Tours are designed for groups of four to eighteen.  Enjoy consumption in the luxury of a limo.  Explore Denver’s dispensaries, neighborhoods,  history, and art scene.  Cannabis culture nightlight and events are also a favorite. There are so many options, including Dabbing 101. A professional Cannabis Concierge accompanies your group. The Cannabis Concierge ensures everything flows seamlessly. The limo is stocked with your preference of refreshments and snacks. Each guest receives a Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours gift box to enjoy in the limo.



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