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Marijuana Legalization has been Good: Denver Mayor

federal officials

Marijuana ToursLike most leaders of big cities in states where voters did not go for Donald Trump, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has a lot to lose.

Denver’s population is one-third Latino, with as possibly as many as 130,000 undocumented immigrants in the greater Denver metro area. Following ICE raids in other metro areas in February, fears of mass immigration raids are so palpable that Hancock has had to spend time reassuring residents that even though Denver is not a sanctuary city, immigrants and their families can go about their lives feeling safe (even as Hancock himself admits he has no idea what Trump and his gang of documented ideologues plan to do, even as they telegraph their xenophobic intentions).

Hancock is also mayor of America’s current capital for legal adult-use marijuana. Cannabis rescued Denver’s real-estate sector, cannabis is keeping cities in the Denver area solvent, cannabis is keeping people employed and also competitive in a tightening housing market. High Times

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