Cannabis Tourist Advice

Selecting the Perfect Strain, High, and Consumption Method for You

perfect strain

Selecting the perfect strain, high, and consumption method for you is complicated by a vast selection of strains, innovative cannabis products and alternative consumption methods.

Select a reputable dispensary through online weed guides like, and The budtender is invaluable in selecting the perfect strain, edible, or concentrate. Colorado Rocky Mountain Tours’ criteria for a dispensary is quality of flower, budtenders’ knowledge of products and impeccable customer service. Even if you are a familiar with strain still ask your budtender about the effects. Strains can vary slightly from one dispensary to another. Be honest with your budtender about your consumption habits and what type of high you looking for. Buy small quantities of a variety of strains and critique each for the perfect strain.

Concentrates are popular for ease of use, almost smokeless and a higher potency than flower.  Bud potency tends to range between 10-25% THC, a concentrate typically falls between 50-80% though some exceptional extracts can even push past 90%. Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH Tour & Events’ Cannabis Concierges recommend easing into concentrates. They suggest starting with vaping. Vape pens use a disposable cartridge.  Utilize your budtender’s expertise to select the right concentrate and battery.  Try vaping in a safe comfortable place, it is a different high than flower. Make sure you are enjoying the high before you go to a club or other social activity. 

In Colorado you may encounter dabs, dab buses and dab rigs. Talk to the people around you, tell them this is your first time and ask what to expect. You will find that everyone is helpful and also have cautionary advise.

Finding the perfect strain, high and consumption method for you is fun process, use moderation and enjoy.

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All tours are limited to 12 guests. Two Cannabis Concierge accompanies all tours. Limo stocked with non-alcoholic beverages.

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