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Pot Smoking Professionals

Pot smoking professionals

In 2017, marijuana fans can legally enjoy partaking in nine US states with another 30 states allowing the use of medicinal remedying. Even though pot use is becoming more and more prevalent, how long would you keep your job if your boss found out you were a pot smoking professionals?

Reposted from written BY JOEL CAMPBELL

Despite the fact that you could run circles around your “straight-laced” coworkers while high, there is still a massive stigma around being a pot smoking professional. While I’m certainly not advocating getting baked at work, the fact is that a lot of pot smoking professionals do- and it can actually help you succeed in the workplace.

Personally speaking, I tend to approach problems more creatively when I take a few puffs. Suddenly, that months-old obstacle that has been keeping coworkers from getting the resources they need suddenly becomes an “aha!” moment when I take a fully-baked swing at the situation.

There are numerous examples of top-tier CEOs, professionals, and athletes that have admitted to using marijuana regularly and some that are extremely open about promoting the legalization of marijuana in the workplace. Take my travel guide hero Rick Steves, for example. As a longtime supporter and regular user of the sticky icky, one of his statements has forever resonated with me.

Along with Rick Steves there’s also Michael Phelps, Martha Stewart, Paul McCartney, Joe Rogan, and the list goes on. If pot use at the highest levels of televised celebrity doesn’t seem to be hindering any careers, why does the average worker have to constantly worry about losing his or her job over smoking weed?

Simply put- because we live under antiquated Draconian drug laws that penalize peaceful pot smokers through mandatory pre-employment and “random” drug testing (where THC sticks around in the system far longer than any other substances). You could literally smoke crack one day, go crazy at work and by the time your boss springs a drug test on you the next day, it could be out of your system. However, take a few puffs off a joint at a concert and it could still show up in your system two weeks later…

To be successful pot smoking professionals requires equal parts discretion, creativity, and skillful mastery of your craft. If you can align all three parts, the worker bees at the 9-5 hive will never even question your abilities

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