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Cannabis Strain Trend in Every State in 2017

Strain Trend

Nationwide Strain Trend Takeaways in 2017

Strain Trend: More states are searching indicas than sativas. Indicas are often sedative stress relievers, and 2017 has been a stressful year. Perhaps that’s why more people across the US are searching indicas now than in 2016, when only four states’ fastest-trending strains were indicas.

A more diverse array of lesser-known strains is represented. As more markets legalize and consumers quickly learn about the wide variety of options available to them, they’re less likely to be searching well-known strains like Blue Dream and Green Crack, and more interested in learning about the likes of Purple TrainwreckGame Changer, or Mendo Breath.

Kush strain trend is popular nationwide. Banana KushOrange KushLemon KushBlueberry KushObama KushBubba Kush, and Platinum Bubba Kushare all represented.

Many strains are trending in multiple places, but none dominate public interest. Strawberry CoughPlatinum OGGelatoBubba KushGrape ApeCheeseNYC DieselPlatinum Bubba Kush, and AK-47 are all trending in two states, but no strain is currently trending fastest in three or more states. 

The West Coast still loves a balanced hybrid. Just like last year, Washington, Oregon, and California searches for hybrid strains trend, though this year they’re for different strains: Liberty Haze in Washington, Rudeboi OG in Oregon, and (appropriately for the Golden State), 24k Gold in California.

The East Coast and Midwest are less interested in sativas. Last year, we saw a majority of budding interest in sativa strains concentrated in the eastern half of the country, and particularly in the Southern US. Now in these areas, only Mississippi, Arkansas, and Vermont are still riding the sativa train.

A few results may be misleading. For instance, there’s a good chance at least some in Wisconsin meant to search for cheese, the food, rather than Cheese, the strain. Then again, you never know.

Reposted from written by Brett Konen

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