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Weed vacation mistakes: 5 ways you’re doing it wrong

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As an intrepid Uber driver, Deb Browne has been gifted her fair share of cannabis that tourists couldn’t finish during their stays in Colorado. Usually, the stray pre-roll or abandoned bag she brings me comes attached with a story. Like the one about the two Midwestern dudes who slept through the Snoop Dogg show at Fiddler’s Green and couldn’t get their tickets refunded. Then there were the other Midwestern dudes who thought they’d light up their remaining stash outside of curbside luggage check at Denver International Airport (bad idea).

So many people, doing it so wrong.

I wrote a guide to visiting Denver back in the first year of recreational sales, and much of that advice still holds true. But it’s time to give some more practical tips for your next weed vacation:

You’re Buying Too Much

While out-of-staters are able to purchase up to an ounce of flower at a time, that’s enough to incapacitate even the bro-iest of Red Bull-pounding bachelor parties. Add to that the fact that Colorado pot doesn’t mess around at an average potency of almost 19 percent THC, and it becomes clearer that people are overbuying at a criminal rate.

You’re Getting Too High

I’m giving you permission to put out a joint before you’ve smoked it down to the crutch. I’m giving you permission to put less than two grams of super potent herb in your grape blunt wrap. I’m giving you permission to start with eating half of a single-serving edible that has 10mg of THC, and to wait 45 minutes to see how you feel. Don’t let anyone give you the business because you’re being cautious — you’ll probably have to help your overzealous friend back to the hotel later, and being simply high is a lot more enjoyable than being way too high.

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Denver Marijuana Management Symposium

marijuana toursThe city of Denver will again host an educational symposium for other governments charged with “implementing marijuana policies and regulations at the local and state levels,” the city’s Office of Marijuana Policy announced Wednesday.

After a successful debut in 2015, the Denver Marijuana Management Symposium will play the Colorado Convention Center on Oct. 27-28. An optional tour of various state- and city-regulated cannabis businesses will be given on Oct. 26, according to media materials.

“We are so proud and excited to again host this gathering of regulators, officials and visionaries,” Ashley Kilroy, executive director of the city’s Office of Marijuana Policy said in a release. “The symposium is a great opportunity for regulators to exchange ideas and best practices, and to discuss what managing legal marijuana looks like at the local and state levels.”

The symposium will include speakers, panels and breakouts on different topics — and another city-involved event, the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium, will be held Oct. 26 at the Colorado Convention Center. That event, hosted by the Organic Cannabis Association with support from Denver’s Department of Environmental Health, “will educate attendees on the latest tools, techniques and technologies for efficient and safe cannabis production,” according to its website. Read full article at Cannabist.com