Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours

Recreational Dispensary Tour

The Recreational Dispensary tour gives guests the opportunity to experience three of Pueblo’s premiere recreational dispensaries. The three represent over a hundred strains. Each dispensary has extensive selections of high-grade concentrates and infused products.

Knowledgeable budtenders take time to answer strain questions and introduce new product lines. The budtenders are connoisseurs and enjoy sharing their personal insights and experiences with the various strains and concentrates.

The on board cannabis concierge educates guests on Colorado marijuana laws and explains the types of products and consumption methods available.

Sweet Jane Sativa Sunday

Sweet Jane Sunday Brunch and Sweet Jane Soiree is the “wine tasting” of the cannabis culture. A Cannabis Sommelier will explain terpenes, the entourage effect and how this influences your strain selections. Research has discovered over 100 different terpenes. Each strain has a unique terpene type type and composition. Each event includes either brunch or hor doeuvres from Colorado Springs caterers.


Colorado Rocky Mountain Tours will take you Off The Beaten Path to the locals’ favorite places to hike, explore and chill. Limited to 12 guests for your comfort. Colorado Canna-bus is stocked with munchies, water and non-alcoholic beverages.  Each tour includes lunch or dinner at a highly recommended local eatery. A Cannabis Concierge and local historian accompanies each tour. 

About Us

Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours & Events originally launched on historic January 1, 2014 at 3-D Dispensary in Denver. We were honored to be present for the first legal recreational sale of marijuana in the United States.  Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH Tours received national notoriety after the airing of the CNN video, CNN Reporter Gets Second-Hand High, January 14, 2014. Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours moved to Colorado Springs in 2017.

It is our goal to create a Colorado Cannabis Lifestyle experience for our guests through small tours (12 guests). The concierge provides cannabis knowledge and educates guests on the Colorado cannabis laws. The concierge is knowledgeable in the history and activities Southern Colorado. 

We have combined our love to share cannabis knowledge and to entertain to create Sweet Jane Sativa Sunday. The “wine tasting” of the cannabis culture

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