420 Events

420 Events and Celebrations History in Colorado

420 Events

Colorado has a history of 420 Events and Celebrations. The University of Colorado Boulder smoke out is notorious. When the UC smoke out was banned in 2012 people headed to Denver for the 420 Rally at the Civic Center. Denver 420 Rally has been plagued with issues ranging from shots fired to trash pick-up. The University of Colorado Boulder reopened its’ campus for April 20 in 2015. Denver’s 420 Rally is under new management for 2018.

2013 HIGH TIMES held the first US Cannabis Cup in Denver after adult use legalized in 2012. The city had already held two Medical Cannabis Cups. 111,100 tickets were sold for the 2015 Cannabis Cup, out growing the venue. HIGH TIMES had difficulties finding a venue to accommodate the estimated 200,000 attendees for the 2016 Cup. Denver decided not to issue the organizers permits. With 4/20 rapidly approaching organizers decided to move the Cup to Pueblo. Venue and permit delays caused the organizers to cancel the Colorado Cannabis Cup. 2015 was Denver’s last HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup.

The premiere 420 Events of 2018, 420 Fest & Tattoo Art Expo is happening in Colorado Springs. The Altered Reality Event Center at 3960 Palmer Park Blvd offers 40,000 square feet of in doors exhibitor space. The organizers’ and promoter’s marketing campaign includes more than cannabis-centric magazines,online sites, and social media platforms. Spots are airing on nine mainstream radio stations and print ads are in local newspapers. The organizers have worked closely with Colorado Springs official and the community to ensure all concerns are addressed, legal requirements met, and best practices guidelines are adhered to.

420 Fest & Tattoo Art Expo has live music, glass blowing demos, seminars, nationally recognized tattoo artists and glass artists, entertainment and food vendors. There is no on site consumption. Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH Tours & Events will be running smoke friendly limo buses from the venue to recreational dispensaries in Pueblo.

This is not a B2B event. The attendees are consumers – your future customers. A 10’x10’ booth space is $650 for the three day event. This is only $216.67 per day to get your product or service in front of 1,000’s of consumers. Sponsorship packages and additional marketing options link is attached.

I am available to answer any questions and to book your 2018 420 Fest & Tattoo Art Expo booth space or sponsorship..

Addison Morris 719-367-6790  coloradohightours@gmail.com

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