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AirBnb 420-Friendly Vacation Rentals


Although many hosts do allow cannabis consumption, it can be tricky to track them down on the AirBnb website itself thanks to the absence of a “420-friendly” filter. Until the website implements one, AirBnb recommends using an outside search engine such as Google to search for keyword combinations like “cannabis” and “AirBnb” in a specific location to turn up better results. You may need to try a few different searches, since some owners call their homes “420-friendly,” others say “cannabis-friendly,” still others say “green-friendly” or “marijuana-friendly,” and so on. Additional keywords to try include old-school euphemisms like “Mary Jane.”

Excerpt from original article written by Brett Konen

Another trick to try if you’re searching within the AirBnb website: Add a “Smoking Allowed” filter to your search, then scan individual listings to see what kind of smoking they’re referring to. This works best if you’re already searching in an area known for its legal cannabis culture, like Seattle, Portland, or Denver.

Information on hosts’ cannabis consumption policies is occasionally made obvious in the title of the listing, but more often appears in the listing’s main Description or House Rules sections. Some listings even drop in extra hints, like this Breckenridge townhouse with a $420-per-night price tag. Most commonly, these listings appear in states where cannabis is already legal, and most hosts agree that they wouldn’t list outright as cannabis-friendly if cannabis weren’t legal statewide.

There’s been a lot of buzz about finding the AirBnb of the cannabis world, and sites do indeed exist for that purpose. Bud and BreakfastTravelTHCThe Travel Joint, and more all specialize in 420-friendly rentals, though the rules will vary from place to place (e.g.: some will greet you with complimentary cannabis and let you consume anywhere, while others only allow you to bring your own cannabis and smoke in designated areas).

These cannabis-specific sites are young and somewhat niche, and if you’re looking to stay in a truly stunning abode, the options available aren’t always on par with those on AirBnb.  Browse all of these sites to find the best bet for your unique group, goals, and budget.

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