Blazin Bud Run

Blazin Bud Run is an unique shopping experience, it’s a Colorado Cannabis Lifestyle Experience!

Blazin Bud Run is designed for guests interested in having buying options, competitive prices and marijuana deals – $2 joints and more!!!  Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH takes the drive out of the drive from Colorado Springs to Pueblo. 40 miles south of Colorado Springs, Pueblo is home to almost 30 recreational dispensaries.

Bud RunJoin  liked-minded people for a Bud Run in the comfort of a consumption friendly limo bus. Blazin Bud Run is a laid back ride to three Pueblo dispensaries.  Shopping stops are selected for the quality of cannabis, variety of products, and excellent customer services. Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH has selected three unique and different styles of dispensaries.  The three dispensaries represent over 120 strains. Strains are “strain-specific” to the individual dispensaries.

Cannabis is not fast food, you don’t need to take a number, order, and then pick up your pot at the next window. The Blazin Bud run is perfect for out of state guests. The budtenders can educate and advise first time buyers and patients as to the properties of the strains, concentrates, tinctures and edibles.

The consumption friendly limo bus gives you the opportunity to sample your purchases on a leisurely ride back to Colorado Springs. The limo is stocked with non-alcoholic beverages and lighters. Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH’s Cannabis Concierge can answer any of the questions you forgot to ask your budtenders.  The Blazin Bud Run gives you knowledge of the laws, strains, concentrates and cannabis related products.

Limo is stocked with Breakfast Burritos, donuts and non-alcoholic beverages.
bud run

bud runWe ask that you arrange for alternate transportation after the tour; cab, Uber, a friend. It is illegal and unsafe to drive while under the influence. We encourage our guests to consume responsibly. Must Be 21 or Older with a Valid I.D.

  $75 per person



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