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Colorado 420 Countdown Your guide to what’s happening

Colorado 420

Colorado 420Colorado 420 is a few short weeks away from 4/20, a.k.a. the stoner’s rite of spring.

Here in Colorado 420 has been a big deal since well before the state legalized adult-use cannabis three years ago. And given that this year’s 4/20 happens on a Thursday — two days after the federal income tax deadline and two days ahead of Earth Day — there should be all sorts of reasons to celebrate.

Trivia time: “420” reportedly became slang for cannabis-related activities decades ago, when a group of high school students in California used the term to describe their regular meet-up time after classes: 4:20 p.m., when they relaxed following what was presumably a hard day of academia.

Here’s a calendar of events currently scheduled to take place in and around the Colorado 420 festivities. We’ll be updating this list all the way up to the big day. Read entrie article with list of events at Cannabist

2018 Colorado 420 Updates: Colorado Springs is hosting the 420 Fest & Tattoo Art Expo. Colorado 420 at the Colorado Springs Event Center includes limos to Pueblo for recreational buying, a Cannabis Baking Contest for Home Bakers, live music and entertainment. Growing seminars, CBD experts and businesses, glass exhibits and more.

Colorado 420 EventEnjoy the Colorado Cannabis Lifestyle with Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH Tours & Events.

Two Infused Mocktails & food events.

Sweet Jane Sativa Sunday Quiches, Crepes & Cannabis Sommeliers & Sativa Samplings in Colorado Springs

Sweet Jane Sativa Soiree Hor doeuvres, Cannabis Sommeliers & Sativa Samplings in Colorado Springs

Fun and informative tours:

Blazin Bud Run Wake & Bake recreational buying trip to Pueblo, limited to 14 guests, party bus stocked with breakfast burritos, donuts, non-alcoholic beverages and select samplings.

VIP Marijuana Tour Ultimate Grow-MIP-Extractor-Dispensary Tour limited to 12 guests.

Bud Grub & Brewery Tour Three Micro brewery tours, four strains, 3 flights, great food

420 Event & Tattoo Art Expo – Bud Runs from Venue to Pueblo Rec Dispensaries

All tours and events are accompanied by a Cannabis Concierge.

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