Dispensary Tour

Recreational Dispensary Tour

The Recreational Dispensary Tour aka Blazin Bud Run visits three recreational dispensaries in Pueblo.

Colorado Springs elected to allow medical marijuana but rejected legalizing recreational marijuana within the city limits.

The tour gives guests the opportunity to experience three of Pueblo’s finest recreational dispensaries.

The recreational dispensaries represent over a hundred strains. Each dispensary has extensive selections of high-grade concentrates and a variety of infused products.

The knowledgeable budtenders take time to answer strain questions and introduce new product lines. The budtenders are connoisseurs and enjoy sharing their personal insights and experiences with the various strains and concentrates.

 Enjoy the ride to and from Pueblo in the comfort of Colorado Canna- Bus stocked with Breakfast Burritos, Amy’s Donuts and non-alcoholic beverages.

The on-board cannabis concierge educates guests on Colorado marijuana laws and explains the types of products and consumption methods available.

The cannabis concierge can suggest local attractions, activities, and restaurants.

The Dispensary Tour aka Blazin Bud Run departs from downtown Colorado Springs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings at 9:30 am and is limited to 12 guests. 

Must be 21 or older with a Valid Picture I.D.

Price Per Guest $75.

Rocky Mountain Blaze

Tour Stop #1: Rocky Mountain Blaze “offers designer marijuana products to recreational cannabis users 21+. Rocky Mountain Blaze is committed to delivering elite cannabis at blazing prices. Our team of cannabis industry professionals operates in full compliance with Amendment 64. Recreational cannabis customers can expect a friendly, welcoming staff and little-to-no wait time at the Blaze!”

78 Precision Dr, Pueblo West, CO 81007      (719) 647-0058

Nature’s Gift Shop

Tour Stop #2:  Nature’s Gift Shop  “is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality marijuana products and accessories in a friendly and accessible atmosphere. Our professional staff can assist you in selecting everything you need to fit your marijuana needs, your preferences, and your lifestyle.”

148 E Assembly Dr, Pueblo West, CO 81007    (719) 547-8095

To Be Determined by Cannabis Concierge

Tour Stop #3: There are approximately 16 operating recreational dispensaries in Pueblo. Each one offers high quality products and excellent customer service. We couldn’t agree on which was the best. For our third recreational dispensary stop we decided to visit a different one each tour and ask our guests for their feedback.

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$75 per person Must be 21 or Older with Valid Photo I.D.