Grub, Bud and Brewery Tour

Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH Tours’ Grub, Bud and Brewery Tour elevates the brewery tour to a new level.  Colorado has 252 microbreweries and is the home of the Great American Brew Festival. The Colorado Springs’ area boasts over 20 microbreweriesbrewery tour

The Grub, Bud and Brewery Tour is a sampling of Colorado Springs’ microbreweries’ craft beers, the finest pub fare, and Colorado cannabis.  We will tour three Colorado Springs’ breweries and meet the brew masters. Four complimentary strains will be sampled during the drive between microbreweries.

marijuana and hopsCannabis and Craft Beer create perfect parings.  Terpenes are the compounds that give both marijuana and hops their unique smell. Often people can identify different strains of marijuana by their smell and the same goes for hops. Terpenes begin from base molecules called isoprene, and then combine or replicate to create profiles that are unique to each plant. Some of the common terpenes found in hops are myrcene, beta-pinene, and alpha-humulene. These terpenes are also commonly found in marijuana and are responsible for both “flowers’” smell profile.

Pick-up and drop off for the tour is at the country’s first cannabis consumption club, Studio A64 – a true Cannabis Speakeasy and a piece of cannabis legalization history. Studio A64 opened on February 14, 2013, nine months before the first legal sale of recreational marijuana. studio 64A

Guests receive a VIP pass for the evening and we encourage you to finish your evening at Studio A64.

Please Note: we ask that you make arrangements to be dropped off and picked-up, a cab, Uber or friend. We do not want your Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH to end in a DUI or injury.

Group is limited to 16 connoisseurs of craft beer and cannabis.  All groups are accompanied by a Cannabis Concierge, who will explains the subtleties of the parings.

Brewery TourA complete itinerary and menu will be emailed when you make your reservation. Cannabis possession and consumption is Federal illegal and often has a stigma. Colorado Rocky Mountain HIGH offers both the business we work with and our guests privacy and confidentiality.

Must Be 21 or Older with a Valid I.D.

$175 Per Person



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