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L’Eagle Denver’s First “Certifiably Green” Cannabis Retail Dispensary


L’Eagle has been a “Mom and Pop” shop since their humble start in 2009. Since going recreational in 2014, they’ve managed to offer the same premium products at medical prices, which is quite the treat for anyone visiting from out of town, or for locals like myself who have yet to obtain a medical card. Founders, owners and all around power couple John and Amy Andrle hold not only their products but also their employees to the highest standard. Their team of sales assistants (they prefer that term over “budtenders”) are friendly, knowledgeable and never hesitate to spend whatever amount of time is necessary to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of their customers.

L’Eagle is the first retail cannabis dispensary to be recognized as a “Certified Green Business” from the City and County of Denver. You’d be surprised how many dispensaries claim to be organic, yet still treat their plants with toxic and synthetic pesticides. L’Eagle grows all of their herb in-house, and produces not only their concentrates but their edibles with trim that is derived from their own cultivated cannabis. Their facilities incorporate zero-waste, eco-friendly and sustainable growing methods. L’Eagle also utilizes a 90-day curing process, which is critical to resulting in their smooth and balanced flavor. This is truly a testament to the patience and cost that L’Eagle is willing to incur for the sake of maintaining the best quality possible.

While the dispensary is in a bit of a random and industrial location, it’s less than a ten-minute drive from downtown and easily accessible from the highway. Make the effort to find it once and you’ll always remember the way. Since their location is hiding in plain sight, L’Eagle ends up drawing most of their business from word of mouth—not surprising seeing as they grow the cleanest herb in Denver. Their inside space is quaint and cozy, and because of the generous amount of staff members they keep on hand, you won’t ever have to waste any time standing in line.

Written by Melissa Joy

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