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What is Marijuana Shake and How To Use It


shakeYou will notice cannabis shake on dispensary menus for as little as $60 an ounce. This sounds like a really good deal. But what are you actually buying.

Shake is a cannabis industry term for the crumbs that fall off marijuana buds and settles in the bottom of the container.

Strains with lots of leaves and less dense flowers produce more shake than tightly packed buds. The quality will depends on the quality of the strain. The budtender may be able to narrow down the strains for you. 

Shake can be dry which is due to its age or how it is stored. It oxidizes faster. It can also contain stems and unwanted plant matter as a result of larger nugs being handled and picked apart.

shakeMany dispensaries clean the shake by using screens. It is then used in pre-rolled joints.  Pre-rolled joints can be a combination of shake from several different strains. A pre-rolled normally contains a gram of cannabis.

I like pre-rolled joints for the convenience. I untwist the end and fill my bowl with the cannabis. This is fast and easy for outdoor activities and events. 

The most popular use is in baking or making tinctures. It can be used to top off a bowl or added to the flower in a joint or blunt.

To activate the psychoactive qualities of the cannabis it needs decarboxylation.

Smoking and vaporizing instantaneously decarboxylate cannabinoids  due to the high temperatures used.  Cannabis added to edibles needs cannabinoids to decarboxylate to produce psychoactive effects.

Two methods of home decarboxylation can be achieved by spreading the shake over parchment paper and heating in an oven set at 220-220 degrees F for 30-45 minutes. Tip: Line a baking tray with parchment  Another method is using a slow cooker and cooking oils or lecithin.

The term shake can be mistakenly used to be trim. Trim is the unwanted plant matter that is cut away from the buds before curing. Trim has a campfire smell and an earthy taste and does not have the potency. 

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