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Richard Branson: ‘The case for medical cannabis is overwhelming

Richard Branson

Richard Branson, British business titan and Virgin founder, is now using his vast platform to call for fundamental reform “to end the failed global war on drugs.”

In a blog post titled “Time to end the pain and suffering,” posted on the Virgin website, Richard Branson stresses that dire change is needed when it comes to the debate around medical cannabis.

“For millions living with chronic disease and often excruciating pain, having access to cannabis products can mean the difference between daily, debilitating suffering and reclaiming some control over their lives,” he writes.

The post appears to have been sparked by the case of Alfie Dingley, a seven-year-old from Warwickshire, who suffers from severe epilepsy. After the boy was given CBD oil, his condition improved dramatically. Since the treatment is illegal in the UK, Alfie’s family has to travel to Holland so he can access it. In an attempt to shift the country’s legislation, the boy and his family have set a meeting with members of parliament for March 20th, to present a petition with 350,000 signatures.

Richard Branson, who is a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, writes that no family should have to go through such loopholes for the well-being of their child.

“This is a caring family demanding access to a medicine and they shouldn’t have to break the law to get it; drug use – both medicinal and recreational – shouldn’t be a matter of criminal justice, but a matter of public health,”  Richard Branson writes.

The philanthropist goes on to say he has hope that change is coming, even giving a shout-out to Canada as one of the countries who sees the benefits of medicinal cannabis and reform. Branson cites studies that suggest how American states with medical marijuana laws see slower growth rates in opioid overdoses and fatalities.

“Any drug policy should first and foremost seek to reduce harm, and pain, not increase it,” he writes. “As someone interested in evidence-based policy, I feel the case for medical cannabis is overwhelming. Policy makers should act now, so that Alfie and thousands like him can fully enjoy their lives.”

Branson encourages readers to visit Global Commission on Drug Policy and ends his post stressing that he is not invested in the cannabis industry.

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