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Sonic: Stop Smoking Weed in the Drive Thru


A Mississippi-based Sonic reported that two weeks ago a drive-thru customer rolled down their window to order food, and blew smoke into an employee’s face. This was the last straw for Sonic employees, sick of their stoned clientele.

Shortly after the smoking blowing incident, manager Yasman Freeman put a sign in the window of the Gulfport restaurant.

According to The Sun Herald, the sign reads: “If you are smoking weed in the drive-thru you will not be served! Please show some common courtesy and smoke and air out before pulling up to order.”

Freeman explains that the smoke-blowing incident prompted the sign installation, but this has been a longtime problem. Employees were exasperated by the sheer volume of marijuana they were smelling as customers pulled up for a bacon melt cheeseburger.

According to the manager of the Sonic restaurant in question, employees are reportedly smelling less ganja than ever before. This may have less to do with the sign than the pictures Sonic security cameras are taking of smoking customers.

No one is surprised that Sonic has some super stoned customers. While you can’t really top fast food while high, and a drive-thru is pretty convenient, let’s hope that Sonic customers find a safer way to indulge. And maybe a more considerate way: Not everyone wants smoke blown in their face.

One thing’s for sure: If Sonic restaurants start discriminating against the stoned, they’re going to cut into their own margins. McDonalds and Taco Bell are already more popular with weed smokers.

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